What do Rhona's clients say?

What do Rhona's clients say?

We have been very fortunate to have Rhona Berens as our relationship coach. She is very insightful, intelligent and passionate. She was able to help us recognize relationship toxins that were sabotaging our relationship. Most importantly, Rhona creates a comfortable and safe environment for couples. She was there for both of us, never taking sides or making judgments; helping us understand the other person's point of view. It is very hard to say in a few words, the positive impact her coaching has brought to our lives. Now, months later, we still see the positive impact of her coaching. Thanks, Rhona!
     - Monica & Will Binns (Vancouver, Washington)

In 2009, you led me through a simple exercise of helping to view myself as others whom I deeply respect view me. That allowed me to take an incredible new position with confidence. Fast forward to 2013-14. I have been living in a small community outside the city and missing my life. You asked me questions to ponder and to answer. I did and was able to change my point of view and bring with me what I was missing from my old living situation. I remodeled and have never looked back. It's beautiful. Once again I needed your wisdom this past week and was able to pull it up. I was offered a great employment opportunity.  While hesitant since I've been out of the mainstream workforce for a long time,  I used the original tool you provided and was able to view myself as they were viewing me and only then realized it was a perfect fit. It took the fear right out of it. I just wanted you to know that I have been listening and absorbing your brilliant counsel and encourage you to keep helping people and to always know how valuable your work is.  It changes lives in ways you probably don't always even hear about.
    - A.H. (Los Angeles, California)

When I first started working with Rhona, I was very open to and enthusiastic about receiving executive coaching. But it wasn't until working with Rhona that I truly understood the tremendous impact coaching could have on my leadership. Rhona's approach of first helping me to re-connect with my own values and vision set an extraordinary backdrop from which to deal with any specific issues at hand. Rhona's nurturing style also provided the necessary space for me to find the solutions from within as opposed to giving the solutions to me. In the end, I became extraordinarily confident that I could raise even the thorniest of problems and that we would be able to explore the intricacies of that problem and still end up with a clear path forward. I highly recommend Rhona to any serious leader that is looking to get to that next level of leadership.
 - John Kim, Co-Director, Advancement Project (Los Angeles, California)

I worked with Rhona when I was faced with a choice between a "safe" job at an established company and the excitement of building a new business. With unwavering commitment to supporting my values and my vision for professional development, she helped me choose the option that continues to serve me best. And BTW, our business is growing at a great pace!
     - Daniel Hanold, CTO, Business Architechs (New York, New York)

Since coaching with Rhona, I am more peaceful on many levels. With her gentle but assertive guidance, Rhona helped me define and discover my true self through my core values. I've found contentment with and acceptance of myself both now and for the woman I am becoming. Rhona equipped me with communication tools to thrive in my relationship with my grandchildren, whom I'm raising, and my husband. Through interesting assignments, my creative energy has been set in motion and I am much happier, which also benefits my family. I'm excited for anyone fortunate enough to coach with Rhona--you will be amazed at the discoveries to be made as she guides, encourages, and applauds you along your unique journey.
- Ann McConnell, R.N., Artist & Grandmother (San Antonio, Texas)

I worked with Rhona for 10 months during a formative time when I was founding and building my business. As a CEO who really wants to develop my full leadership potential, I have benefited tremendously from my coaching work with her. Specifically, she armed me with tools to sharpen my decision-making and confidence in my judgment, to more successfully engage clients, and manage interpersonal dynamics across our team. I have gained lasting values from these tools and, collectively, Rhona helped me identify, cultivate, and capitalize on my particular leadership style and turn this individuality into an asset.
     - Andrew Malk, CEO, MALK Sustainability Partners (San Diego, California)

Coming from small town Mississippi, and moving to LA, I knew nothing about life coaching. But after meeting and connecting with Rhona, my life started changing in a new direction. Rhona provided me with skills to mend some old relationships and focus on the new. She encouraged me to do the things that make me happy and helped me to gain confidence, enough to start my own business and to allow me to feel comfortable in my life to where I am becoming the person I want to be.
     - Dai-Le Thompson, Hollywood Helpers (Los Angeles, California)

Rhona is an excellent leadership coach. As I was transitioning into my leadership position as a director, Rhona was the perfect conductor in the process--leading and guiding me in a way that brought out the best of my leadership skills, helped me confront my own issues around leadership, support me in building a leadership model that reflected my values, and gave me a whole toolbox of skills that I continue to use in my position. She is insightful and creates a process that works around her clients' needs.
     - Saba Waheed, Research Director, UCLA
 Labor Center (los Angeles, CA)

Rhona has a very strong ability of listening to the concerns at hand and quickly formulating a customized game plan for success. Also, her strong listening skills make us feel heard and understood. She started us back on the road of unconditional love.
     - Julia & her spouse (Los Angeles, California)

When first connecting with Rhona, I had to admit I was unsure about this whole coaching "thing." I'd always thought it was touchy-feely hooey and I'd be sitting in a white room surrounded by crystals with someone picking at guitar strings. Much to my surprise, and delight, it was wonderful. I was stuck in a rut in my life, both professionally and personally, and I didn't know where to begin to dig myself out. Rhona's sessions left me feeling empowered, thoughtful, connected, and excited. Much of her work is based in living and engaging in the present and the future, and she allowed and helped me to shift my own perspectives of the past, and empowered me to recognize and honor my true self. If you are contemplating coaching, contact her. There are a lot of coaches out there, but only one Rhona.
     - James Ray, (Los Angeles)

In the midst of great personal turmoil, Rhona has taught me to turn a crisis into an opportunity. Instead of looking for a quick fix of the status quo, she encouraged me to think out of the box, to aim high and develop a vision. She helped me to discover my strengths, my true values, and something I had been searching for: my purpose in life. During our journey together, Rhona has been many things to me: a skilled coach with a keen intellect, superb listening skills and endless patience; an indefatigable cheerleader with a wonderful energy and sense of humor; a compassionate creative guide; and most importantly, a masterful wrangler of my inner critic. I am deeply grateful to Rhona for her generosity of heart and spirit and her unwavering belief in me. Her guidance has made a profound difference in my life. I've regained a positive and can-do attitude, a sense of adventure and--how cool is this?--I have a dream again!
     - Dagmar Spira (Los Angeles, California)

What I like most about Rhona is that she's not "putting on a coach coat" or following some platitudinous regimen. Yes, she's well-versed in all the right coaching techniques (which, indeed, are important to know) and employs them expertly. The difference between Rhona and other coaches is that she's made those techniques her own. She's infused them with a quality of soulfulness that is so refreshing. Rhona is the real deal. As a coach, she's willing to accompany her clients on the emotional and spiritual ride, which is often needed for growth. Her depth of compassion, keen intelligence and willingness to stay in the moment are inspirational. With Rhona's guidance, I was able to connect with my core values in a way I hadn't been able to in the past. If you want to work with a truly remarkable coach, give Rhona a call.
     - Andrew Tavoni, Artist, Writer, Voiceover Actor (Los Angeles, California)

Rhona was excellent at providing tools and resources to help me uncover the habits that were keeping me stuck. As a result of her coaching, I feel more able to take charge of my thinking and use it in a powerful way to move beyond my limitations. I am a very left brain, analytic person and so I especially enjoyed the visualization exercises we did together, which forced me to get outside my head and see things in a new perspective. Initially, I was hesitant to commit to the process, but now I am so thankful I did. The 6 months that I worked with Rhona was a very positive and worthwhile investment of my time. As a business owner and mom of two, I now have a better balance in my life. I feel happier and more positive, my relationships have improved and I now have tools to help me deal with the things about myself that have caused me stress and dissatisfaction. As a person, Rhona was very supportive, encouraging and her love was unconditional. This is essential in order for the coaching process to work. I never felt judged by her. She challenged me to rise above my limitations and reach new heights in my beliefs about myself. As a result of our time together, I feel a greater sense of freedom and joy and personal power to make positive changes in my life. Rhona asks the tough questions and she has a great ability to not only be objective but to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck. As a Management Coach and Consultant to corporations, I have benefited greatly from the tools I have learned through Rhona. I have studied and experienced other forms of counseling and psychology over the years and I cannot stress how positive and impactful having a "personal coach" has helped me to achieve greater personal and professional successes in my life.
     - Debbie Pearmain, Owner, One Stop HR and Mom (Vancouver, British Columbia)

I can't explain this in a paragraph but here's how I know that it's Rhona's calling to be a Coach: I asked her to be my Life Coach before I even knew that's what she was doing professionally. Seriously, it would be too self-deprecating to say that Rhona is smarter and more creative and more intuitive than me and a lie to say the opposite, so I will just say that I value these things in myself and I love the fact that Rhona is all of the above, too. She is smart enough to keep up with me, intuitive enough to stay a step ahead, and creative enough to see how it all fits together. Rhona is a consummate professional and powerful ally who--one session at a time--is changing my life for the better.
     - Jim Mercurio, Screenwriter, Director, Step-Dad & Founder, A-List Screenwriting (Los Angeles, California)

The Free Arts for Abused Children staff loved learning from Rhona at our recent staff development retreat. The 2-hour workshop on communication provided us with a shared team-building experience, a common ground to start from as we engage in dialogue with one another, our collaborative partners and hundreds of volunteers. Everyone enjoyed being reminded of communication skills and learning new ones, especially as they relate to conflict resolution. Several members of our staff found the Lands Work activity particularly helpful as it provided an opportunity to really see a situation relevant to our everyday work from a different perspective. All in all, we had a great workshop with Rhona and would be thrilled to receive more coaching from her.
     - Annie D. Armbrust, Executive Director, Free Arts for Abused Children (Los Angeles, California)

Rhona is a coach that is authentic, inspirational and creative. She challenges you to see the big life that lies ahead of you. Rhona's coaching has had a profound impact on me and has been significant in reshaping how I live my own life, both personally and professionally.
     - Gabriela Saldana, Life Coach & Mom (Burlington, Ontario)

I am who I am. It sounds so simple, but without Rhona's help I would still be searching for that simple self-acceptance. Her approach is direct, challenging and practical. She has encouraged me to gently explore my life's possibilities with a keen eye trained on the roadblocks I create and the knowledge that I have the ability to overcome them. My ability to create the life I have sought is clearly present in me now. I thank Rhona for helping me see it has been there all along.
     - Robert Blackmon, Photographer & Online Communications Manager (Los Angeles, California)

I had been given a two-session voucher and, thinking that I would get a little brush-up on some goal-setting how-tos, I signed up with Rhona. After quickly recognizing Rhona's ability to identify my skills and capabilities, as well as to enable me to use those skills and capabilities to the best of my ability, I decided to continue on long after those first two sessions. For six months, I learned and grew exponentially, until I could coach myself. Now, with skills that Rhona helped me put in place, I am writing my very first book...I wake up excited and feel so proud of myself. I have the sense of doing something that has been in me to do for years. I can't tell you how grateful I am to Rhona. And not only has she impacted my creative life, but she also impacted my personal life. I am about to go on a three-week trip to assist my aunt, who has stage-3 breast cancer. I feel positive and hopeful, and much of that has to do with skills and choices I learned about while working with Rhona. We ALL deserve amazing lives. Please, do this for yourself. You will not regret it. Think of what the world would be like if...everyone did what they loved. 
     - Katie Lippa, Artist, Activist, Adventurer (Sebago Lake, Maine)

Rhona is profoundly insightful, intelligent and passionate; she understands how to build individuals and teams into superior, legacy-level assets for both the businesses that employ them and for the individual's own career.
     - Lowell Selvin, Retired CEO, PlanetOut Inc. (San Francisco, California)

Rhona Berens is intuitive, open and understanding. She makes my process fun and interesting, all the while keeping me on track with unwavering progress and focus. I have found her to be just what I needed to help clarify my stumbling blocks. I have much gratitude that she is working with me.
     - Mimi Searfoss, Interior Designer & Mom (Los Altos, California)

I've been to therapy before, but had never seen a Life Coach. What I liked about meeting with Rhona was that our conversations were more focused on the present and future, rather than rehashing the past. Rhona has a great perspective on life and how to live a happy one. Her insight helped me organize parts of my life that I didn't even realize were part of the process of living a better one. If you're considering seeing a Life Coach, give Rhona a call.
     - Johnny Cross, Disease Intervention Specialist (Los Angeles, California)

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