Events & Courses with Rhona

TALKS & WORKSHOPS IN 2017 & 2018:
Saturday May 5, May 12, & May 19, 2018
9am - 12:30 pm
Sanity School for Parents
Co-Leader: Betsy Gornet
Location: Marin County, CA, USA (exactl location in the works) 
To read more about the online version of this in-person workshop, go to:

Saturday, September 23, 2017
9am - 4pm
Couples to Parents: Helping Relationships Transitoin to Parenting (3-hour workshop)
Coaching Tools for Birth Professionals (3-hour workshop)

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Hosted bhy the Calgary Doula Association

Tame Your Inner Critic!
A 5-session course designed to help you shift the balance of power from the Inner Critics that interfere in your professional (and personal) growth to your most competent, empowered and confident self! The course is self-paced and includes email contact with Rhona and support from other course participants. Holiday special: Click here to listen to Association of Women Entrepreneurs' founder, Tera McHugh's interview with Rhona on "Turning the Tables on our Inner Critics" for more information on Rhona's 5-step program. NB: This e-course is currently under revision. If you're interested in taking it sooner than later, please email rhona@fortedreams